We are an entrepreneur’s most valuable partner over a long period of time. We engage early. We wear well. We are steady. We are the best firm for you on day one, and the best firm for you at $1B.

Paul Ferri//Co-Founder of Matrix Partners

Who we are

Early stage investors based in San Francisco and Boston.

As company builders turned investors, we know the startup ecosystem from all angles. We’ve been doing this for 40+ years and have seen many trends come and go. Our focus on company building and long-term relationships with founders endures—because we care about them and their success is ultimately all that matters.

We’re excited by good ideas that, when supported properly, can make a big impact in the world. We find these ideas by rejecting conventional wisdom, spotting potential early, and having the conviction to back founders before it’s evident to everyone else

How we work

Partnership through openness and candor.

We evaluate ideas based on their merit and potential as well as your ability to execute, not the polish of your pitch.

We discuss challenges frankly and directly. We want the truth and to hear your opinion. Open debate and honest discussion are how we arrive at the best solutions.

We’re committed to you and the long-term success of your company, so we care less about the latest report card and more about solving problems. We know building a company is a bumpy ride.

When we say “yes” to you and your idea, we’re all in. We’ll be your most engaged board member, offering our grit, hard work, and company-building expertise whenever you need it.












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