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Entrepreneur Stories

  • Sheila Lirio Marcelo

    Sheila Lirio Marcelo


    Making It Personal. Sheila Lirio Marcelo believes in the social power of technology. With the founding of Care.com, she helped build a model of care that, today, helps millions of people with their caregiving needs.

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  • Kevin Ryan

    Kevin Ryan


    Talent First. The most critical factor contributing to Gilt Groupe’s early success was the strength and varied expertise of its founding team.

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  • Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan

    Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan


    Throwing Out the Playbook. Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah knew the traditional marketing playbook was broken. So they figured out a way to disrupt an entire industry, introducing Inbound Marketing.

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  • Matthew and Brian Monahan

    Matthew and Brian Monahan


    New World of Records. The Monahan brothers dreamed of one day running a company with the ability to impact millions. Now the Monahans are on course to fundamentally change the way we access information and protect our personal records.

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  • Richard Harris, Damon Tassone, and Josh Feuerstein

    Richard Harris, Damon Tassone, and Josh Feuerstein


    Unscripted Intent. Richard Harris, Damon Tassone, and Josh Feuerstein are proving that building a company with the potential to unlock half the value of ecommerce on the planet doesn’t have to kill you. In fact, it can be a lot of fun.

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  • Marc Fleury

    Marc Fleury


    Giving Away the Store. How JBoss helped pioneer a new business model based on a radical idea: paying the best developers and giving away the product for free.

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  • Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler

    Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler


    Developing Passion for Fashion. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are probably not the first guys one would think of to launch a fashion company. But, with the introduction of JustFab, these co-CEOs set out to reshape fashion e-commerce.

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  • Jit Saxena

    Jit Saxena


    Shifting Positions. How a first-time CEO managed two successful companies through a series of dramatic changes.

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  • Ash Dahod

    Ash Dahod


    Master of the American Dream. Many American immigrants hold the dream of working hard and someday starting a business. Ashraf Dahod has done so not once, but five times.

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  • Mikkel Svane

    Mikkel Svane


    Building Something Beautiful. Mikkel Svane and his two cofounders set out not only to redefine and humanize customer service, but also to make something beautiful.

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